Touch-based biometrics software that can identify user’s with taps and swipes

Touch-based biometrics software that can identify user’s with taps and swipes

Apple last week unveiled its iPhone 5S with fingerprint biometric feature but lacks the natural touch in it.  Identifying the unique way users tap and swipe on a touchscreen might be the more natural and future of smartphone biometrics.

The software “SilentSense”, developed by Cheng Bo at the Illinois Institute of Technology and his colleagues, has demonstrated 99 per cent accuracy in tests.. Using the phone’s built-in sensors, it records the unique patterns of pressure, duration and fingertip size and position each user exhibits when interacting with their phone or tablet. Machine learning algorithms then turn this into a signature that identifies the user – and will lock out anyone whose usage patterns do not match.

The system’s accuracy can be further enhanced, by enabling the smartphone’s accelerometer and gyroscope to measure how much the screen moves when you are jabbing at it.  They can also pick up on your unique gait as you walk while using the screen.

In tests, 100 users were told to use the smartphone’s touchscreen as they would normally. SilentSense was able to identify the phone’s owner with 99 per cent accuracy after no more than 10 taps. Even with an average of 2.3 touches the system was able to verify the user 98 per cent of the time.

To save on power, the software stops checking the user’s identity when apps like games are being used. To maintain security, it automatically switches on when more sensitive applications, such as email or SMS, are accessed.


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